Oiritsuu appointed interim CEO in Kaalakiota press release

New Eden News | YC115-07-30

NONNI - Kaalakiota has announced this morning that Haatakan Oiritsuu, former KK Chief Executive, has been temporarily reinstated to oversee the process of re-stabilizing the corporation.

In the statement, read by Oiritsuu herself in front of KK headquarters an hour before the Kimotoro Stock Exchange opened, she pledged to "return the corporation to financial stability after over half a decade of fiscally abusive and negligent rule by the Caldari Providence Directorate."

Regarded by many as the face of Kaalakiota for decades before she was ousted in a hostile takeover by the Provist movement in YC110, the reappointment of Oiritsuu comes as no surprise to many business analysts, both within the State and externally.

Ursinen Tovari, a market analyst for Modern Finances based in Nourvukaiken, expressed his elation with her reinstatement saying, "We are a resilient people; we have proven this in the last half decade under Provist rule. The time is coming for the State to shine again as the leading economic superpower in the cluster and to do this we must place those with the best knowledge in the right places. Kaalakiota have made the definitive choice with Oiritsuu."

Kaalakiota's stock saw a small rise in value at the open of trade, after Oiritsuu's statement during her first public appearance since the funeral of Admiral Visera Yanala earlier this month. Many business analysts are calling this the first major positive movement for KK's value in three quarters, with stock value expected to remain stable at close of trade today.