Conservative Senator calls Republic “untrustworthy”

New Eden News | YC115-10-22

_Jel - _In a speech delivered to constituents in his home system, Senator Artois Chermoul claimed the Minmatar Republic has been guilty of "spreading discontent within the Federation". In the middle of a speech about Federal trade policies, the former colonel with the Federal Marines went on to call the Republic "untrustworthy" and a "security threat".

"We have seen the Republic engage in increasingly belligerent behavior," Chermoul said. "In response to minor incidents within the Federation, the Republic has tacitly endorsed violence against Gallente. We've already seen them undertake military incursions against our borders. They have engaged in vandalism and disturbing the peace whenever the Federal government takes some action that does not appease their minority."

He went on to say, "Even when things go their way, they have spread violence," referring to the disturbances that broke out following the acquittal of Kinhar Elokur. Police are currently charging twelve Gallente and eight Minmatar with disturbing the peace and inciting riots in relation to those incidents.

The anti-Republic sentiments drew scattered but vocal cheers from the audience, in contrast to the universal but more muted applause occurring during other points in the speech.