Broteau found guilty and executed by Sebiestor Tribe

New Eden News | YC115-06-15

ERAM - Gerne Broteau has been executed after being declared guilty by the Sebiestor Tribal Court after a trial which continued without interruption for 36 hours. The tribal judges sentenced Broteau to death for his attack on a Minmatar cultural festival in the Gallente Federation which left 59 dead, including Sebiestor Tribal Chief Karin Midular.

Shortly after the verdict and sentence were delivered, Broteau was led from the court and executed by a firing-squad of hand-picked Sebiestor warriors from Karin Midular's clan. Neither the Republic authorities or any other tribe chose to contest the sentence, a step that would have automatically elevated the matter to an appeals court.

The swiftness of the trial and particularly the execution is unusual inside the Republic, leading some commentators to criticize their actions. The Sebiestor Tribe has released a short statement saying, "Justice was served. No punishment can truly fit the crime committed; we dispensed the most fitting justice possible."