Chief Acassa Midular Sets Out Autonomy Doctrine at Tribal Assembly

New Eden News | YC115-12-28

Pator - The new Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe, Acassa Midular, addressed the Minmatar Tribal Assembly as it began a new public session, earlier today at the Grand Caravanserai on Matar. Making a new chief's declaration before the Tribal Assembly, Chief Midulars's most pointed remarks concerned a restatement of the Minmatar principle of tribal autonomy in which she asserted that "the infringement of the Republic on matters properly the responsibility of a tribe is an infringement on that tribe's autonomy".

Chief Acassa Midular's speech has been highly anticipated since it became clear that it would not be a pro forma declaration confirming the position laid out in the chief's declaration made by Chief Karin Midular, before her assassination by the Gallente terrorist Gerne Broteau. Touching on the assassination and its aftermath, Acassa Midular said, "When any member of a tribe is murdered, never mind a revered chief or elder, it is the responsibility of that tribe to seek and obtain justice. In this respect it was incorrect, in my view, for elements of the Republic Fleet to take security actions aimed at apprehending the assassin Broteau. Some will say that the Ray of Matar was for all Minmatar but I say that the Ray was not only a daughter of our tribe, not only our chief but was above all else acting as our chief when she was slain."

Chief Midular went on to say, "The responsibility of seeking justice was ours and should properly have been left to the Sebiestor. If we had required assistance in this matter, we would have asked for it. If we had determined the necessity of direct action in this case, we would have taken it. Just as we took the proper action when the assassin was delivered into our hands. We must not again have an instance of tribal autonomy being so flagrantly disregarded or we shall not be able to say that this is a true tribal republic. Let us make the legacy of this tribal assembly, and the life and death of Karin Midular, one where the autonomy of the tribes is held paramount in this republic."

Chief Midular's remarks were preceded by a brief introduction from Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor in which he expressed his "pleasure at the prospect of working with Chief Acassa Midular in the cause of building and strengthening the tribal republic." Sanmatar Shakor's office has made no comment in response to questions about Chief Midular's speech. The Republic Fleet reiterated its stance that the "Colelie Incident is a matter of republic security under the jurisdiction of the Tribal Council".