Clashes on Caldari Prime quelled by Mordu's Legion

New Eden News | YC115-11-19

_Luminaire - _Several clashes occurred along borders between Gallente- and Caldari-held districts on [Caldari Prime]( Prime) over the weekend, but were swiftly dealt with by [Mordu's Legion]('s Legion). According to reports, the clashes were sparked by the revelation that the Federation government has been spying on Caldari corporations.

The disturbances seem to have originated with exchanges of insults between Caldari and Gallente and escalated from there. Individuals or small groups soon swelled to small mobs on both sides. It remains uncertain which side initiated the violence, but both sides are reported to have engaged in crossing of borders to attack members of the opposite side.

Mordu's Legion, the neutral police force agreed upon by both the Caldari and Gallente governments, stepped in on each occasion to put a halt to the violence shortly after it began. The Legion deployed non-lethal riot suppression weaponry to disperse the crowds and arrested several individuals in connection with the violence.

According to official reports, all injuries have been minor, including a broken wrist of a Mannar man who resisted arrest and a Civire woman who broke her hand striking a Mordu's Legion officer in a dropsuit.

Administrative officials for the districts were quick to praise Mordu's Legion for their handling of the situation, saying, "This had the potential to grow much larger, but the professional and even-handed intervention of Mordu's Legion seems to have averted that."