Gardieu sworn in as Speaker of the Chamber

New Eden News | YC115-12-31

VILLORE - Senator Andon Gardieu was sworn in as the new leader of the Gallente Senate yesterday evening, in a ceremony attended by President Jacus Roden, Director Mentas Blaque, Admiral Auvier Bauvon and a number of other key government officials.

Broadcast across the Federation, Senator Gardieu was inaugurated by Chief Justice Broyal Alserette, leader of the Supreme Court, and was noted to be bright eyed and visibly smiling as she rested her right palm on the folded Federal banner and recited her oath to the Gallente people with several trillion viewers watching on.

Public response to her election within the Federation has been extremely positive, with many citizens hailing the election of a woman who has been a strong voice for both gender and racial equality and educational reform for the last two decades.