Caldari Navy storms Haatomo station; location of Heth unknown

New Eden News | YC115-06-19

_Haatomo - _The [Caldari Navy]( Navy) and security forces belonging to the megacorporations blew open the sealed off sections of the [Caldari Constructions]( Constructions) station around Haatomo VII's third moon with explosive charges, stormed the entrenched [Caldari Providence Directorate]( Providence Directorate) and [Templis Dragonaurs]( Dragonaurs) forces, and brought an end to the eight day siege that has gripped [New Eden]( Eden (cluster)).

The Navy, which had held off on attacking the station due to the presence of Caldari Constructions workers who were trapped in the sealed areas, made the decision to storm the building after receiving "actionable intelligence that indicated the lives of the hostages and many others were in greater danger by failing to act." The Navy has refused to release what this intelligence was, citing a continued threat to the State by terrorist cells.

As the assault inside the station continued, the Caldari capital fleet which had been in a standby position several dozen AU away warped in, docked, and deployed additional boarding parties. Soon after, the Provist forces were over overrun and made a break for the docking rings. It appears four Chimera-class carriers and four Phoenix-class dreadnaughts belonging to the Provists were able to undock in the confusion, but were immediately pinned down by waiting pro-State or anti-[Heth]( Heth) capsuleers.

While a small number of remaining Heth loyalists attempted to assist the Provists in an escape, they were unable to assist any of the capital ships from escaping. However, in the confusion of combat, at least one ship, a Raven-class vessel belonging to known Templis Dragonaur operative Tolen Kirakachi was able to slip out and escape. The Navy dispatched interceptors to pursue, while the main battle force docked to assist in securing the station.

According to reports, the Caldari Navy can neither confirm nor deny that Tibus Heth was among those killed or captured in the station.