Mysterious explosion detected in Syndicate

New Eden News | YC115-11-05

_YFN-UN - _An explosion emanated from the YFN-UN constellation in Syndicate earlier today. According to reports, the event was notable for the unusual radiation signature produced, which does not match any known natural or artificially-created phenomena. The Intaki Syndicate has not been forthcoming with information regarding the explosion, but the Sisters of EVE have dispatched ships to investigate and offer aid if needed.

Scientists are divided on the nature of the explosion. "It appears to be artificial," said Dr. Gastan Prinz from the University of Caille. "The radiation pulse occurs at regular intervals that is not consistent with any known natural explosion. Additionally, it is extremely intense in the 4 picometer and 25 micrometer bands, something that is not consistent with natural phenomena."

In contrast, Dr. Yaseen Mitara from the Intaki Academy of Astrophysics believes it to be natural. "The explosion has features in common with extremely unstable wormhole collapses. Though there are parts that match no known collapses, to dismiss all the similarities is unscientific. However, we must keep our minds open when studying the data. Once we can pinpoint the exact location of the explosion, we should be able to learn more by sending research vessels directly to it."