Elokur found “not guilty”, small-scale riots erupt

New Eden News | YC115-10-18

Synchelle - Kihar Elokur, the Brutor student accused of killing three Gallente men, has been found not guilty by reason of self-defense. The verdict sparked several instances of violence between supporters of Elokur and an increasingly vocal Gallente-nationalist movement.

Elokur was arrested in early August after killing three Gallente men who attacked him in what was believed to be a racially-motivated assault. Elokur killed all three of his attackers, raising questions over his use of force and whether it was proportionate or not. It was even suggested that he might have pursued his attackers after they attempted to flee, which would have violated Federation law on reasonable use of force in self-defense. He had been held in custody for several months prior to his trial, which began on October 15th.

During the trial, prosecutors attempted to prove that Elokur had provoked the attack, that his life had never been seriously threatened, and that he followed a third attacker several blocks after killing one and mortally wounding another. The defense, however, brought in experts who testified Elokur's wounds would have prevented him from giving chase and that the fleeing attackers had suffered life-threatening injuries prior to their flight. The jury returned a not guilty verdict after a short period of deliberation. The defense hailed the verdict as a victory for "law-abiding Federation citizens everywhere."

The trial had become a focus of controversy, as many Minmatar believed Elokur was being tried solely because of his ethnic background. Protestors frequently gathered outside the holding facility where he was held and chanted slogans. While the protests had been peaceful, it sparked angry rhetoric from anti-immigrant, nationalist pundits, who claimed the protestors were attempting to circumvent Federal justice.

After the verdict was read, several Minmatar communities in Synchelle erupted in spontaneous celebrations. While most involved only minor incidents of vandalism, in several locations Gallente men dressed in replica [Black Eagles](https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Black Eagles) uniforms appeared. At least three outbreaks of violence were reported, all involving the celebrators and Gallente. While no fatalities were reported, at least twenty have been hospitalized with injuries and dozens, both Minmatar and Gallente, have been arrested. Police are currently investigating which groups initiated the violence.