Minmatar Tribal Assembly Resumes with New Sebiestor Chief

New Eden News | YC115-12-22

Pator - The Minmatar Republic's Tribal Assembly formally resumed its business today, following the selection of Acassa Midular as Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe earlier in the week. Chief Midular has joined the other six tribal chiefs of the Minmatar nation at the Grand Caravanserai and is understood to be meeting privately with her peers before the final public sessions of the assembly.

Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor's office has confirmed that Chief Midular will be given the opportunity to make a chief's declaration before the assembly in her own right, despite her predecessor Chief Karin Midular's pre-existing declaration for the Sebiestor Tribe. The chief's declaration is a formal speech setting out a tribe's basic position on the business of the assembly. As the Sebiestor tradition does not consider new chiefs to be bound by the decisions of their predecessors, it is necessary for a new declaration to be made in order to complete the tribe's participation in the assembly.

Acassa Midular's circle has indicated that the declaration will be a full speech, rather than a merely formal confirmation of the Sebiestor Tribe's stated position. Sanmatar Shakor's office would not comment on the form of Chief Midular's speech, other than to note that the words of a chief's declaration are "a matter for the tribal chief in question".