Results of Molden Heath conflicted

New Eden News | YC115-09-05

_Orien - _The [Thukker Tribe]( Tribe) has issued a report on the effect the presence of cloned mercenary corporations in Molden Heath has had on the region. The report details both the successes and failures in the 3 months since the tribe invited mercenaries to settle in the region in an effort to deter piracy.

The majority of the report focuses on the positives of the move, pointing out a drop in piracy against planetary targets, especially those with large mercenary populations. Additionally, the logistical needs of the influx of mercenaries have brought economic booms to many of the region's planets. Especially during a slow period over the month of June, when fighting had diminished as district control stabilized in the hands of a few corporations, the move was largely a success.

The pacification of the planets also led to a slight decline in space-based piracy. However, the move has not brought an influx of capsuleers to the region as initially expected. Instead, the decline seems mainly related to the loss of planetary infrastructure for the pirate organizations, causing additional difficulties for their operations.

Despite the gains, the report also reveals the realization of several of the worries first presented when the Thukker Tribe made the offer. Particularly, over the last few weeks, intense battles have raged between the alliance known as EoN. and a coalition of corporations and organizations arraigned against them. The fighting has brought destruction to the planets, even though most district fighting occurs distantly from population centers. The collateral damage, particularly from orbital strikes, can be heavy, causing the spread of pollution and damaging ecosystems.

The report concludes that the experiment has been a success overall, with the negatives being outweighed by the positives. It does not make any recommendation for either expanding or contracting the offer in the future, but rather recommends the Republic maintain the status quo to continue examining long term trends.