Sebiestor Tribe Selects Acassa Midular as New Chief

New Eden News | YC115-12-19

Pator - Acassa Midular, niece of slain Chief Karin Midular, has been named as the new Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe, in an announcement made today by Vuld Haupt, spiritual leader of the Sebiestor. It is understood that the Sebiestor council of clan chiefs and tribal elders selected Chief Midular following several weeks of quiet diplomacy between the clans of the tribe. After briefly announcing the decision of the council, Vuld Haupt stated that Chief Midular would be making her first public speech as tribal chief at the Grand Caravanserai with the resumption of the Tribal Assembly.

Acassa Midular served as clan chief for the Midular for 12 years and is known to have been a sharp critic of both the old parliamentary system and the transitional regime of Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor. Chief Midular is well-known as an advocate of achieving overwhelming technological superiority to ensure the security of the Minmatar people. A strong proponent of decentralized government and tribal practices, Acassa Midular is seen as a logical choice of chief for a tribe that has long valued its independence of action and the diversity of its clans. It has also been suggested by sources close to the council that some tribal elders felt that the murder of Karin Midular was an affront to which the selection of another member of her clan would be a suitable answer.

Since the assassination of Karin Midular in May, the Sebiestor Tribe has been concerned to honor the life of the Ray of Matar with a dignified process of succession. In deference to the wishes of the Sebiestor, the work of the Tribal Assembly has been suspended while the clans and elders of the tribe have been meeting. While the Tribal Assembly has agreed on all the salient points of the new political order in the Minmatar Republic, the suspension has led to a further delay in transferring political control in the Republic more fully to the seven tribes. Observers of the Tribal Assembly process believe that Acassa Midular can do little to materially change the outcome of its deliberations, but her speech will be keenly awaited for clues as to the post-Assembly political dynamic in the Republic.