Report: Sarum Family Heir recommends assault on Republic

New Eden News | YC115-08-14

_Sarum Prime - _According to reports from the imperial court, [Merimeth Sarum]( Sarum) has been urging Empress [Jamyl I]( I) to fully reinstitute the Reclaiming as originally promised in her coronation address and begin an immediate assault on the Minmatar Republic. The [Heir]( Heirs) has also pushed for the [Imperial Navy]( Navy) to receive more funding to bolster the fleet's forces.

[Sarum]( Family) has been telling subordinates that the Republic is experiencing heightened tribal unity following its successful Tribal Assembly, which makes it a threat to the Empire. Additionally, he believes the Republic has been displaying increasingly belligerent behavior, exemplified by its recent tensions with the Gallente Federation.

As a result, the Heir believes it is pertinent the Empire press the Reclaiming, the religious war of conquest in which Imperial forces enslave those captured by their forces. While Empress Jamyl announced a new Reclaiming during her coronation, the Empire never made any significant moves toward that end. When CONCORD was originally founded, the Empire abandoned the taking of slaves from the other nations of New Eden and signed treaties preventing them from doing so.

It is unknown how the Empire would launch a new Reclaiming and still adhere to interstellar law. As of yet, there is no indication whether the empress is seriously considering the suggestion.