Further Highlander leaks implicate Federation in illegal border breaches

New Eden News | YC115-12-17

PERIMETER - The Chief Executive Panel reacted with indignation this morning, as further leaks from the missing Operation Highlander after-action report dossier revealed detailed information regarding the offensive combat capability of the Caldari Navy, and implicated the Gallente Senate in the authorization of a number of illegal border breaches.

The release of this information appears to confirm that over the course of approximately four years, between the dates of October 6, YC110 and March 10, YC115, the Senate authorized more than three hundred illegal border crossings into the State for intelligence gathering purposes. It would appear after initial investigation that under legislation passed with the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act many of these breaches of the Caldari border may be in violation of the Yulai Convention.

Additionally, the leaked pages from the document, which were transmitted to The Scope early yesterday afternoon, also contain sensitive intelligence that assess the capability of the Caldari Navy's core "Kimotoro" fleet, as well as forces patrolling the Caldari Border Zone, Lonetrek's border with Pure Blind, and the often volatile Mito constellation.

Odo Hakaalen, Corporate Relations Director for the Chief Executive Panel, was quick to dispel the intelligence as "outdated, three year old data with no tangible use for tactical advantage" during a statement made from CEP headquarters in New Caldari. The statement also highlighted the CEP's concern with regard to "continued increase in belligerent behavior on the part of the Federal Administration", and confirmed that the Caldari State Ambassador to the CONCORD Assembly has been instructed to present CEP concerns to the Inner Circle.

While the Senate has not yet commented, Keraimo Hakanuro, Chief Investigating Officer for the Inner Circle confirmed this morning that "the Inner Circle has been in contact with the State's Ambassador to the Assembly, and we are currently in talks with both the Chief Executive Panel and the Gallente Senate regarding the situation."