Privy Council Resumes Tetrimon Exile

New Eden News | YC108-11-04

Spokespeople for the Privy Council announced a withdrawal of the council’s temporary pardon for members of the cult of Tetrimon on Sunday afternoon; just weeks after the Theology Council disavowed the Tetrimon Scrolls they were investigating.

The announcement came shortly after a regular meeting of the Privy Council, the political body composed of the Amarrian heirs and currently leading the empire in the absence of a new emperor. The statement read “After much consideration, due to the fact that edict banning the Cult from Empire space can only be overturned by the Emperor, and the lack of validity in the documents known as the Tetrimon Scrolls, the privy council is revoking its temporary suspension of the banning edict, effective immediately. All Tetrimon members are hereby ordered to leave the Empires territories within 3 standard days, or face punishment by the full might of the Amarr Navy.” The spokesman declined to comment further, but sources indicate that the Privy Council’s hand was forced by the intervention of the Theology Council.

The Theology Council had made its own announcement, 2 weeks earlier, indicating that the majority of the Tetrimon Cult’s claims were not supported by the Tetrimon Scrolls. According to Deacon Lorenzo Azir, a Theology Council spokesman, while the historical events described in the scrolls were indeed congruous with other official documentation existing from that time period, the rest of the text contained within was less accurate. Azir explained, “These scriptures are filled with passages contradicting themselves. They are also missing key parts that would be vital for our scholars to be able to verify their true origin or authenticate them as the Holy Scriptures.”

Due to these facts the Theology council elected to describe the scrolls as inconclusive, which while far from being a definitive no, is negative enough in tone to seriously dent Tetrimon hopes of having the Scrolls reintegrated with Amarrian holy texts in the near future. The fact that Theology Council also elected to retain possession of the scrolls for “safekeeping from the hands of would-be terrorists and elements who would plot to destabilise the empire,” indicates that a significant shift in the balance of power would need to occur within the empire before such an event – or even an overturning of the edict banning the Cult from empire space – could occur.