Xelas face upto Fountain incursions

New Eden News | YC108-11-09

FOUNTAIN - Xelas Alliance were thrust into the firing line of the Band of Brothers versus Ascendant Frontier conflict last fortnight and found themselves facing challenges brought by new enemies and changes to old relationships.
However, having endured consistent pressure for some considerable time, claims of their demise appeared premature.

Just two days prior to the outbreak of hostilities Xelas was hampered by the loss of over 300 pod-pilots as a breakaway alliance named Horde split from the original group, led by the Dark Rising and NOPHEX corporations.

With a degree of tension between allies in effect the last thing required was a capital fleet arriving but this is what occurred when the PNQY-Y system was invaded.

Javeir, CEO of Shadows of the Dead Corporation explained: “We joined Xelas four weeks ago. In that time we've lost 300 of Xelas's best pilots, Celestial Apocalypse has formed the Insurgency, and they called on ASCN to bring its dread fleet over.”

The Shadows of the Dead CEO added: “ASCN didn't get much resistance; we're not strong enough to fight 20 dreads head on. Insurgency had good timing, they are good fighters. Horde made a pre-tense of helping us, but it was more symbolic than anything else.”

Virtuozzo, a member of ASCN high command commented on the tactical thinking behind the attack: “Xelas is just in the way of the bigger objectives in the war. Xelas, when signing on with BOB were aware of the long-term potential risk of BOB getting into a war with a faction who would bring the war to BOB space.”

The eXceed Inc. pilot added: “It's a calculated risk, so I am sure Xelas planned for this. But reality is as it is, when you are a part of such an (economic) model, you should realise that there is an intrinsic risk involved. War after all is what reigns in deep space.”

When asked about ASCN’s assault on PNQY-Y, Shrike of BoB commented: “It seems like a good way to avoid fighting us. They stand to gain absolutely nothing by that move, and are infact due to it, losing Paragon Soul as we speak. The only thing ASCN gain is more enemies.”

With BoB attacking Paragon Soul, Shrike was confident that Xelas would be able to deal with any more future incursions into their space.

She said: “ASCN has issued a full scale retreat to try and deal with us taking Paragon. Without ASCN there, who will stop Xelas from taking it back fulltime? Xelas might not seem mighty on the paper, but they have withstood almost one full year of constant war, and I do not think ASCN thought about this.”

Javeir, the Xelas representative confirmed this, stating: “The alliance is doing fine at the moment. We don't need stations to survive in Fountain. The SOD Fast Action Response Team has performed amazingly well and will deal with any more threats that come here.”

In a statement made on the GalNet on Tuesday, Blue Flame of Xelas announced that his alliance had successfully regained control of the PNQY-Y system. ASCN has reportedly withdrawn from the Fountain region as the conflict with BoB intensifies in the South.