Senior Manager Departs Dark Amarr Creations In Controversial Fashion

New Eden News | YC108-07-08

Yesterday afternoon Thelus Duant, a high ranking manager from Dark Amarr Creations, and several hundred of the corporations work force left their jobs without notice in an alleged dispute with management over the corporations most recent contract.

Duant, a project leader with Dark Amarr Creations, reportedly had strong objections to a newly issued contract from the Royal Khanid Navy for the construction of an Archon-class Carrier. Although Dark Amarr Creations has a long history in the construction of weapons and warships, to date its customers have always been private citizens, intent on having the best in self protection in an increasingly hostile galaxy. It is suspected that Duants only objection to this contract was that the source was a government agency, though exactly why remains a mystery.

Immediately after quitting the corporation, with the Equinox in the early stages of its construction, Duant and the large group of Dark Amarr Creations employees that left with him formed a group known as the Ultra Unionist movement. At this moment the aims, motivations, and even the location of its offices and members remain undisclosed. Duant himself has not been seen since leaving the corporation, fueling speculation that he has gone into hiding from an as yet unknown entity.

Dark Amarr Creations have not remained idle, with control of the project shifting to Sharar Habacuc, another senior project manager with the company. Speaking at a hastily organised press conference, Dark Amarr Creations CEO Fuciea Vativa stated “this corporation will still produce the Khanid Navy Archon on time, and on budget.” When questioned about the significant loss of workforce Vativa replied “Contract opportunities will be available to pilots, who can contact Sharar Habacuc for details.”

Although perhaps on slightly shaky ground due to these events, the Royal Khanid Navy has shown their faith in the ability of Dark Amarr Creations to fulfill the contract, with spokesman Argen Senerva stating “For now we will trust Fuciea's judgement, and we will be monitoring the progress closely”