Tetrimon Grand Master granted sainthood

New Eden News | YC108-07-23

DOMAIN. The Order of St. Tetrimon held a vigil for the late Grand Master Elata Ardo on July 5th at the Theology Council Tribunal station in the Amarr system. During the memorial service Grand Master Groven Horm publicly announced Ardo's elevation to sainthood within the Order, proclaiming him Saint Elata Ardo of Tetrimon. The ceremony was held to commemorate Ardo's death during a dangerous mission to bring Amarrian Holy Scriptures to the Tribunal station from the Gukarla system.

Arriving at the Tribunal station after leading a slow procession consisting of several Tetrimon members and bystanders, Groven Horm opened the vigil for participants to remark on the late Grand Master. During the wake Horm read Ardo's last letter to him which included quotes from The Paladin's Creed. The letter further called for the Tetrimon to be vigilant.

Ardo also wrote that he thought the Amarr moral reforms were a, "veil of deceit" and felt that many of the Amarr people would rally to the Order's doctrine. After the reading Horm gave a brief eulogy describing Ardo as a leader and friend who died in the service of God, he then announced Ardo's beatification as a saint of Tetrimon.

Some of the Amarrian faithful questioned the timing of the vigil; one year ago that day, Emperor Doriam II was assassinated. In particular, Admiral Gaven Lok'ri of PIE Inc. voiced his displeasure stating, "I hope that you will find time to remember the man [Doriam II] who allowed your current legitimacy, as well as your previous Grand Master tonight."

St. Ardo died almost two years ago, shortly after the Theology Council temporarily lifted the suppression edict on the Order's teaching that Amarrian scriptures were altered to give more power to the Emperor and the Privy Council. St. Ardo was killed by Amarrian fundamentalists while on a mission to bring a library of ancient scriptures to the Theology Council for review. After several of the delivered texts were authenticated, the Privy Council temporarily suspended the proclamation of exile on the Order in Amarr space, being unable to lift it fully without a reigning Emperor

Although the process of granting sainthood in the Tetrimon Order is a closely guarded secret, Grand Master Holm ensured that members of the Order would not forget St. Ardo. St. Ardo's last written words were transcribed in the records of the Order's version of the Amarrian Scriptures and the original letter was added to the collection of documents.

Curiously, the Theology Council has yet to make a statement on the beatification of Elata Ardo by the Order of St. Tetrimon. Although it is unusual for an Amarrian sect to proclaim it's own members as significant, such proceedings usually involve the Theology Council in some way. Scholars expect the Theology Council to perhaps slow down the studies of the Tetrimon Scriptures even further. Some expect the Council to take more overt actions perhaps even to the point of outright hostility. ACN, the Amarrian news organisation, has been totally silent on the matter, no broadcast of the event took place. Instead, the news network focussed on the death of Doriam II. Whether this is a sign of discord or an oversight remains to be seen.