Blood Raider Hub Decimated

New Eden News | YC108-10-05

BLEAK LANDS. The Blood Raider hub decimated by Amarrian loyalist forces last Sunday has been described by a Cult of Catechization High Priest as being "just a leftover of their Bleak Lands forces."

According to High Priest Delsiah of the Cult of Catechization – who was responsible for the operation – the hub’s Blood Raider personnel had remained in the region and strangely "did not leave in their exodus last year."

The Amarrian loyalist forces, lead by a Cult of Catechization fleet and supported by several Amarrian paramilitary pod-pilot organizations such as Aegis Militia and SHOD among others, proceeded from the Myyhera system to Haras' tenth planet to "cleanse a Blood Raider pit that our scouts had reported earlier," as explained by High Priest Delsiah. "In His infinite mercy, it pleased God to let our lasers remove the heretic scum with ease, and make their death swift."

When asked on whether or not this newly discovered hub could be a spear head in a Blood Raider effort to reclaim their former territories in the Bleak Lands, or even a staging point for an attack similar to the Mabnen I disaster. High Priest Delsiah said that "all our intelligence shows that this was just a remaining tumour of a foul infestation that shall never taint Amarrian lands again; our Emperor's subjects can sleep tight knowing our Empire's borders are well guarded."

However, according to High Priest Delsiah the Cult of Catechization believes that "other remaining tumours may still exist," and further scout and cleansing missions may be required in the near future; explaining that "after we finish analyzing the evidence gathered in this operation, we will know better what next steps should be taken."

The Blood Raider hub was comprised of a Chapel and some 50 vessels, according to figures released by the Cult of Catechization and later confirmed by CONCORD reports.