Khanid Transport Submits Investigation into Kingdom Economic Woes

New Eden News | YC108-11-28

Early this afternoon, Khanid Transport released some of the findings of a three month long investigation into the faltering Khanid economy in a press conference held at their corporate headquarters.

The investigation, commissioned by the Khanid government three months ago in response to increasing warning signs regarding the health of the Kingdom’s economy, was headed by Khanid Transport director Isan Anmeal. With the entire report presented to King Khanid and his advisors this morning, Anmeal held a press conference in order to release selected excerpts from the report to the general public.

The major findings released to the public include the fact that in the last two quarters, Khanid Innovation and Khanid Works have suffered a 10% drop in revenue, and that Khanid Transport posted the first loss since the corporation’s inception. As a result of this downturn in profits, unemployment within the Kingdom has risen markedly in recent times, reaching new record levels, and in turn fuelling civil unrest and disobedience on worlds and installations across the Kingdom. The report drew links between the Kingdom’s economic decline and the alleged recession being experienced within the Caldari State, the Kingdom’s largest trade partner in many lucrative industries, including the technology sector. Mention was also made, albeit to a lesser extent, to the significant number of trade agreements between the Kingdom and the Amarr Empire which were not renewed this fiscal year.

On receiving the Investigation report from Anmeal and Khanid Transport, representatives of the King were quick to release a statement emphasising the importance of the financial wellbeing of the Kingdom and its citizens to King Khanid. The statement went on to assure the populace that the directors of the three major national corporations – Khanid Transport, Khanid Works, and Khanid Innovation – along with the Royal Khanid Navy, are working tirelessly on finding a solution to what is looming as the first major crisis for the Kingdom in some time.