Foiritan Triumphs in Close Race

New Eden News | YC108-10-28

Final election results are in from the Federation: President Souro Foiritan has claimed victory by a narrow margin, beating his opponent, Senator Mentas Blaque, by just a single point. This will make him the first president in Gallente history ever to serve more than one term in office.

“I am proud, and I am humbled, to be granted the opportunity to serve this great nation for five more years,” said the President in an address to his supporters, delivered minutes ago from the steps of the presidential residence in Caille.

After thanking his family, his cabinet, his campaign staff and his supporters, President Foiritan expressed his intent to lead the Federation into “an era of prosperity and goodwill, in which we shall continue to proudly hold aloft the ideals that have made our country what it is.”

“I want to wish Senator Blaque and his family the best, and I thank him for a challenging and spirited campaign,” he said.

Senator Blaque has issued a concession statement congratulating Foiritan on his victory. In it, he “strongly urges” the President to “safeguard the values and integrity of our nation.”

Nearly 2.8 trillion citizens voted in the election, by far the highest turnout in the history of Gallentean democracy.