Terrorists strike Kaalakiota security

New Eden News | YC108-12-09

SIRPPALA - Executives of Kaalakiota Corporation held an emergency meeting at the company HQ in Nonni in response to developing industrial action taken by workers in Sirppala and Waskisen following an insurgent attack on Sirppala II.

A group of masked individuals launched a guerrilla attack on a guard post at the Kaalakiota Factory on the planet, injuring two security employees and defacing the building.

Union leaders have been increasingly disgruntled in recent months as industrial relation talks between the two sides ended in stalemate, with the major sticking points being an improvement in the working conditions coupled with a pay freeze in the face of threats of cuts to wages. However, the escalation to the point of violence by the insurgents has added a new twist to developments.

Niteloho Koirolen, Chief Co-Ordinator of Public Relations at Kaalakiota Corporation said: "We have lost as much as 85% of man hours with this illegal action. The brave workers that attempted to perform their duties have been attacked.

He added: "The economic situation in these systems is terrible; we have lost about 90% of production and are losing billions a day. The irony is that if it continues, the pay-cuts the union fought so long to avoid will become necessary.

Koirolen issued a warning to the insurgents, saying: "We will not rest until we find those responsible for what happened on Sirppala II and when we do find them they better hope other authorities get there first. Our internal security division is currently drawing up plans to restore order in the systems involved with the minimum of disruption to daily activities."

Kaalakiota CEO Haatakan Oiritsuu cut short an award ceremony in Goram to return to Nonni when news of the severity of the dispute reached her.

At the picket lines, foreman Kajikkila Uotiri remained defiant. He explained: "We only want to be able to do our jobs safely and get paid what we deserve. If Kaalakiota can't understand that then there's no hope for them."

The strikes have spread to Waskisen and rumours have already started as to whom the insurgents belonged to given that the attack appeared far more professional than just disgruntled workers. Many fingers are being pointed in the direction of Sukuuvestaa Corporation, who stands to gain the most from the current situation.