Pilots rush to Minmatar spy's cause

New Eden News | YC108-12-22

SIRSESHIN - Pod pilots rallied to the aid of exposed secret agent Rirokton Teursen in Sirseshin several weeks ago but were unable to affect his escape from forces bent on his destruction.

Eurik Karsteinn, Teursen's loyal friend of many years made a plea in Sirseshin for pilots with good standing towards the Minmatar Republic to form up and aid the agent in his escape. A band of twenty or so answered the call and with news of a Caldari Navy patrol in the vicinity, this added urgency to proceedings and with the promise of a handsome reward once they reached Minmatar space the motley convoy set off.

However, it would appear that Teursen had been double-crossed and Helpdesk, a vehemently pro-Caldari pilot was in on the rescue committee, having been unceremoniously removed she swore revenge and vowed to kill the fleeing Minmatar.

Perhaps it was the hour long wait for the armada to form up but this gave plenty of time for Helpdesk to devise a plan and she carried it out with ruthless efficiency. Barging into the fleet sent to protect Teursen she succeeded in flushing him out and although he managed to flee the initial scene, the driven killer followed her prey to the next system and succeeded in pod killing the escaping spy.

Within moments the Caldari Navy patrol despatched to secure Teursen turned up, to be met by an angry cadre of Minmatar-loyal pilots bent on revenge. Furious that Concord had allowed Helpdesk to escape, the mob turned on the patrol but they were beaten off, further denting their pride. After the loss of some smaller vessels, Karsteinn ordered his volunteers to stand down to avoid any further bloodshed.

After thanking the pilots for their help, Karsteinn slipped away leaving the pod pilots to reflect upon their losses and the whereabouts of their new ally.

Reports leaking from Caldari security sources indicate that Karsteinn somehow found the whereabouts of his friend. Despite a heavy Caldari presence at the medical facility where Teursen was due to recover, somehow the two managed to escape, disappearing to destination unknown in an unregistered Cheetah covert-operations vessel.

The news is a huge embarrassment to Caldari security forces who are on the hunt for a mole within the operation to secure the Minmatar agent.