Kaalakiota declare Kassigainen IV situation ‘under control’ amid harsh criticism from international parties

New Eden News | YC108-11-22

The Kaalakiota Corporation’s office of public relations released a statement this morning wherein they proclaim the situation at Truiisu Station on Kassigainen IV to be “fully under control.” The statement comes in the wake of steadily-crescendoing voices of condemnation from various international parties over the past week.

“The insurgent force has been neutralized as peacefully as was possible under the circumstances,” the statement reads. “A majority of the people on the colony have been transported to safer havens, and the station’s facilities have survived mostly intact. We estimate that repair operations and work force replacement will take a period of three to four weeks, after which Truiisu Station will be up and running at full efficiency.”

The statement has been met with widespread scepticism. Senator Mentas Blaque of the Gallente Federation, in a short interview with the Scope this morning, called it “a blanket of lies, incompetently woven by rank amateurs to cover up the fact they don’t care one whit for the well-being of their people.” He furthermore claimed he had data from reliable sources which showed the “so-called peaceful neutralization of the insurgents was anything but.” Pressed for details, the senator refused to comment further.

Others have moved to cast aspersions on Kaalakiota’s statement, variously questioning the considerably drawn-out time frame of the operation, the hush-hush nature of the corporation’s methodology and the sparse wording of the release itself.

“It [the statement] doesn’t really answer the questions most people have, such as why there have been Home Guard and Caldari Navy dropships stationed in orbit around Kassigainen IV for the past week, with not an aid vessel in sight,” said Touvelas Sarkin, senior professor of political science at the University of Caille.

Sarkin said the efforts made by Kaalakiota to salvage the situation showcased more of a desire to sweep the symptoms under the carpet rather than make any moves towards fixing the underlying problem.

“They just want to stamp it out and pretend it didn’t happen instead of actually looking at what they can do to make sure it doesn’t repeat itself. With the way things are now – salary and benefit cuts, mass layoffs, diminished worker rights - I’d say we’re sure to see that happen soon, possibly even on a larger scale,” he said.