Sansha's Nation showing signs of revival

New Eden News | YC108-07-26

STAIN - Following early rumours regarding increased probe activity throughout Stain and lower Catch, the once dormant Sansha’s Nation organization has apparently begun to rise from its slumber.

Rumours have been circulating between capsuleer alliances and empire corporations alike in the past two months as several pilots reported seeing a build-up in Sansha forces throughout Stain. Recently, a CONCORD scouting expedition to the area confirmed that several ships have been following old Sansha Industrial shipping routes, indicating a revival in the Nation’s industrial infrastructure. It has also been confirmed that Sansha’s Nation has begun to fortify its military strength throughout Stain, most likely as a reaction to the increase of pirate activity associated with the Angel Cartel.

The Cartel recently sought assistance from local capsuleer alliances as they began to expand their area of operations. In response, an entity known only as Sansha’s Speaker issued a statement announcing that all expansion efforts by the Cartel are “flawed and will ultimately fail as they are in conflict to Nation interests.” The Speaker also warned that all “Angel units in Nation territory will be eradicated.” This open threat of war from a normally isolated society reinforces the reports of Sansha fleets forming in Stain.

Many contend that this recent resurgence is nothing more than old drones following defunct programming. This may have been true before the appearance of Sansha’s Speaker, but this new diplomatic caste shows that there may indeed be some higher intelligence operating deep within Sansha’s Nation. Professor Lerian Tebieau, an expert on Sansha’s history agrees, “The Nation has not dealt openly with pod pilots nor Empire corporations in many years. With diplomatic ties now being established by the Nation, it can be certain that they will eventually move back into their old space and try to reclaim some of their former glory…with or without pod-pilot assistance.”

Though there still remains some mystery behind Sansha’s Nation, it is clear that its growth will lead it into conflict with alliances in the area, including the Angel Cartel.