Race Tightens As Border Region Vote Weighs In

New Eden News | YC108-10-28

According to the latest numbers from the Gallente Electoral Commission, incumbent President Souro Foiritan has gained three points on his opponent, Senator Mentas Blaque, bringing the race to a close two points. The news comes in the wake of a concerted showing of Matari and Intaki immigrants at polls in border regions of the Federation.

The cities of Aubruille, Sargai and Sebirouse, the three most populous cities of Sinq Laison, a border region of the Federation, have seen large rallies of Matari and Intaki voters storming voting locations in calculated rushes, events which are widely believed to be orchestrated by several nameless grassroots immigrant organizations.

Four hours ago Temperance Square, the bustling site of Sebirouse’s central voting location, played sudden host to a seventeen-hundred person mixed crowd of Matari and Intaki, assembled within three minutes from smaller groups in several different parts of the square. The silent mob proceeded to the voting station, where every one of them cast their vote for incumbent President Foiritan. The same phenomenon was reported in precisely the same manner in Abruille, Sargai, and dozens of smaller cities. The proceedings were more or less peaceful in all places, with only a few minor incidents of violence reported.

Analysis of the past few hours has been rife with speculation on the nature of these groups. Many commentators believe them to have been carefully trained and controlled, while others believe them to be nothing more than the end result of ideological memes spreading rapidly through a threatened subset of the population.

Whatever their cause, they appear to indicate a trend: incumbent President Souro Foiritan now stands only two points behind his opponent, Mentas Blaque. The current total tally of polled districts stands at 359 out of a total 528.