Prominent Republic Fleet captain declared outlaw.

New Eden News | YC108-07-01

MOLDEN HEATH. Questions are finally starting to be answered in relation to The Minmatar Republic’s 'Alfhild' Mothership-class vessel that went missing nearly three weeks ago. While initially there was hope that there was no connection between the disappearance of the 'Alfhild' and prominent Republic captain Karishal Muritor, such hope has proven to be in vain. Captain Muritor confirmed his possession of the 'Alfhild' several hours ago.

Muritor made his claim by transmitting the following message to The Republic Fleet before disappearing near the Odatrik system: "If you would stand before me and call this state of affairs in which we are held right and true, then I am sure that it is better for me and my men to fight and die without any right than to live in such a lie." Visual data sent with the message confirms that the message was sent from the 'Alfhild'.

With no other transmissions received from the captain following his earlier disappearance, The Republic Fleet has attempted to distance it self from their former compatriot. Pressure from the Amarrian Empire is mounting, according to anonymous sources, as Captain Muritor's motives remain unclear. In a statement issued by the Republic Fleet an hour after receiveing the broadcast, a fleet representative declared Karishal Muritor and all of his followers outlaws. The Republic Fleet also vowed to bring Captain Muritor into Republic custody and promptly dispatched a task force headed by Vice-Admiral Kanth Filmir.

The loss of the 'Alfhild' and its carrier group consisting of the 'Magni' and 'Modi' along with secondary fleet assets is one of the largest thefts of military hardware in recent memory. The Republic Fleet confirmed today that they are no longer in possession of the mothership and its escorts, and that Captain Muritor is no longer registered as a Republic Captain, but rather has formed a dissident group known as "The Defiants".

The Republic refused to comment on the intentions of The Defiants or of Karishal Muritor. However, experts within The Amarr Navy have speculated that they [The Defiants] will attempt to raid and disrupt operations on the border regions of Amarr space. Several key Amarrian commanders have also spoken out and have suggested that Muritor is still acting on behalf of The Republic Fleet despite the declaration made today by The Republic. The Republic continues to deny all allegations of associating with the rebellious Karishal Muritor.