Sukuuvestaa play down sabotage link

New Eden News | YC108-12-19

SAISIO - Sukuuvestaa Corporation officials have issued a strenuous denial of involvement in the guerrilla attacks on arch-rival Kaalakiota Corporation's property in Sirppala.

Masked individuals had launched an attack on a guard post at a Kaalakiota Factory which injured two security employees and left the building defaced with graffiti.

The attack was the latest in a growing trend for unrest in the region following a fall-out between KC officials and union leaders over proposed pay-cuts and poor working conditions. A number of leading commentators had to a greater or lesser degree pointed accusing fingers at Sukuuvestaa, something that angered their PR chief co-ordinator Oilenen Inuki.

Inuki said: "We at Sukuuvestaa Corporation categorically deny any involvement with Kaalakiota's problems in the Sirppala system.

"If these so called experts sat and thought for a minute rather than be desperate to appear first on any holo-vid programme they can find they might wonder why we had meddle in their affairs when they are doing such a superb job of bringing themselves down from the inside," added Inuki.

Niteloho Koirolen, Inuki's counterpart at Kaalakiota Corporation confirmed his rivals' claims. Koriolen said: "Our preliminary investigations indicate that Sukuuvestaa had nothing to do with the attack on our factory."

"Kaalakiota internal security officers have been on the scene since just after the attack and have found no evidence linking any other corporation to it," stated Koirolen.

With the company trying to recover from a significantly reduced output in the affected systems, shares unsurprisingly have slipped 3% to 78.57.