Port Redemption slave facility destroyed

New Eden News | YC108-09-05

BLEAK LANDS. Ushra'Khan forces destroyed a slave processing facility located in the Sahtogas system at the end of July. The starbase, known as Port Redemption was operated by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Slaves (SPCS); a subsidiary of the Amarrian loyalist organization PIE Inc. Port Redemption was classed by the SPCS as a Slave Receiving Facility (SRF), a starbase designed to take in Minmatar Slaves to be educated before being sent into the Amarr Empire. The Facility also assisted with disease control and numerous other operations.

Ushra'Khan claimed that the facility’s location was confirmed by monitoring freight traffic to and from the starbase. Once the location was identified an assault fleet of at least 40 vessels including an undisclosed number of capital ships entered the Sahtogas system, and began bombardment of the starbase soon after. Reports from Ushra'Khan state that the facility was not prepared for an attack, with few defences and low fuel reserves for emergency reinforced mode available. However the SPCS later reported that the structure was being prepared for relocation which had reduced its defensive capacity. Maggot, the Fleet Admiral for Ushra'Khan added "We suspect that some of the slaves held there managed to perform some sabotage," however this remains unproven. Archbishop, the director of the SPCS did admit that "we were unprepared overall for their attack," but remains resolute regarding future SPCS efforts; "Plans for Port Sanctuary are proceeding well and a new port to replace Port Redemption will be constructed."

Before the structures were destroyed the attacking forces retrieved the surviving slave population which the SPCS estimates at around 6700 slaves, while 120 slaves were killed in the initial bombardment. 27 of the Amarrian staff members were confirmed dead, and 15 managed to escape or were released later. Archbishop has confirmed via GalNet that the cost of the destruction of Port Redemption stands at 175 million ISK, while another 1.2 million ISK was lost in the destruction of three Bestower class vessels designed as slave transporters.

The SPCS also recovered 17 Minmatar children who had been taken from an SPCS vessel in the area by a third party; these were offered to Ushra'Khan in exchange for three Khumaak, objects of Amarran design which hold historical significance for the Minmatar people. The Khumaak were handed over to the SPCS and the Minmatar children were taken into the care of the Ushra'Khan to be reunited with their parents.

In the wake of the destruction of Port Redemption, the SPCS pushed forward the construction of Port Sanctuary, designed as a location where homeless Gallente citizens can be voluntarily taken into the Amarr Empire. The location for this facility has not been disclosed for security reasons. Archbishop commented on the future of the SPCS, "The SPCS will continue its mission to ensure the care and standards of humane treatment for all slaves called to duty for the Amarrian Empire." When asked about the construction of similar facilities to Port Redemption, Maggot remarked "They will be destroyed. All Minmatar must be vigilant and inform Ushra'khan if they find further installations around the borders of the Republic."