Dozens Dead In Kassigainen IV Riot

New Eden News | YC108-11-06

Rioting erupted this morning at Truiisu Station, a Kassigainen IV mining colony owned by Caldari giant the Kaalakiota Corporation. The exact reasons for the fracas are unclear, but the fighting is reported to have broken out in the wake of an incident where several officers of the Home Guard, Kaalakiota's private police force, allegedly slit the throat of a former colony worker recently laid off by the corporation.

Exact numbers of deceased are unavailable at this point, but unconfirmed reports indicate that fierce fighting has been going on between former workers and Home Guard forces, with dozens killed so far. Several sections of the colony are reported to have suffered complete blackouts, with a number of the colony's vital functions running on auxiliary power.

The Kaalakiota Corporation at noon today issued a short statement, claiming that outside of some "minor collateral damage," the situation was rapidly being brought under control. They have declined to comment further on the matter.

Truiisu Station is a Type-4, partially-subterranean mineral colony with a Class-B sustenance dome and reinforced atmospheric generators for use in extreme environments. It is currently home to over 1680 people, comprising approximately 1100 Kaalakiota workers and their families.