New Foundation Formed to Represent the Academic Community

New Eden News | YC108-10-26

YULAI. Frustrated by the lack of support from university administration officials; professors, researchers, and students have come together to create the Utopian Scholar Foundation – a multicultural academic institution free from the influence of the Empires.

The foundation, headed up by Dr. Rolleniae of the University of Caille, seeks to represent students and professors as well as other scholars from across New Eden. It aims to be the voice of those who wish to promote academic interests, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation.

Although no public announcement has been made by the foundation regarding how the organisation will operate, the USFTN has still managed to appear at several major centers of learning scattered across the four empires, where affected members of the academic community have flocked to join the growing organisation.

Scholars within the community have been motivated to join the foundation following the student protests that have appeared on several university campuses across New Eden. Tensions between students and administrative staff have been steadily increasing in the past several weeks due to many universities resisting inter-empire academic development, an issue the USFTN was founded upon. For the most part, these protests have remained peaceful. But, as reported earlier, they have recently turned violent, prompting authorities to increase police presence at the site of each protest.

The sudden turn to violence at these protests is perhaps one of the reasons that prompted the USFTN's creation. The Utopian Scholar Foundation hopes to organize protestors among academic community into a cohesive voice, one whose call for less political involvement in academic interests will be heard by policymakers in the four empires.

While more specific details regarding how the USFTN will operate still remain unclear, the foundation appears to be well-funded and well-run. With its recent purchase of office space in the CONCORD station in the Yulai system, the foundation will likely become an important player in inter-empire relations over the coming months.