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Federation Navy increases Tripwire presence on Caldari border

  • YC115-05-30

    _Algogille - _The Federation Navy has increased the presence of its Tripwire special forces on the Caldari Border Zone as a result of "ongoing turbulence in the State". The increase in forces was first noticed early this morning as the Federation moved ships, equipment, and materiel into the border constellation in an effort to detect any early incursion by Caldari forces. The Federation Navy issued a statement calling the buildup a "normal security precaution" and stated that it expects there to be [...]

    Heth does not attend CEP meeting; Provist leadership vanishes

    • YC115-05-29

      New Caldari - Tibus Heth was absent from a board meeting of the Chief Executive Panel scheduled today to discuss the findings of the investigation into the events surrounding the Battle for Caldari Prime. Kaalakiota instead sent CFO Amaari Siainki in his place. The move is considered highly unusual for the embattled State Executor, who normally insists upon CEO attendance at all board meetings of the CEP. Kaalakiota has not released any statements discussing Heth's decision to miss the meeting. [...]

      Grene Broteau found guilty on all counts; Republic demands extradition

      • YC115-05-28

        Luminaire _ - _Grene Broteau, the mass-shooter who killed 59 Minmatar and injured hundreds during a rampage in April, was today found guilty in Caille District Court of 59 counts of first degree murder, 362 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and 12 counts of mayhem with the intent to incite terror, along with numerous other charges. Broteau appeared in court wearing a prison jumpsuit and restraints and was silent throughout the reading of the verdict. At one point, cameras captured him smiling, [...]

        Tibus Heth's Yanala speech cut short by riot

        • YC115-05-27

          _New Caldari - _Speaking for the first time since Caldari Navy Executive Officer Mininela Erinen testified that he forced Admiral Visera Yanala to undergo the Tea Maker Ceremony, a harried Tibus Heth attempted to apologize for and defend his actions. Before he could finish, the assembled crowd broke into a riot and forced Heth off stage. Rather than broadcasting the speech from a secured location, Heth chose to speak before assembled workers for Caldari Constructions. He began by saying, "Loyal [...]

          Vigils for Yanala turn violent

          • YC115-05-27

            _The Citadel - _Soon after news of Caldari Navy Executive Officer Mininela Erinen's testimony about Admiral Yanala's death was released, several memorial services for the war hero suddenly turned into impromptu protests as people called for answers from State Executor Tibus Heth. Several of the protests subsequently turned violent, when demonstrators clashed with Provist forces. So far, no deaths have been reported, though hundreds have been reported as injured. Into the morning, Caldari citizens have [...]

            Federation Senate condemns death of “war hero” Admiral Yanala

            • YC115-05-26

              _Villore - _The Federation Senate today overwhelmingly voted on a resolution to condemn the actions surrounding Admiral Visera Yanala's death and has urged the Chief Executive Panel to further investigate the incident. The resolution, sponsored by Head of the Senate Aulmont Meis, passed 756-101, with 24 abstentions. The resolution reads, in full, "On this May 26th, YC 115, the Senate of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime completely and unequivocally condemns the death of the Caldari war hero [...]

              Breaking News: Yanala forced into Tea Maker Ceremony

              • YC115-05-25

                New Caldari - Caldary Navy Executive Officer Mininela Erinen testified before the Chief Executive Panel that State Executor Tibus Heth forced Admiral Visera Yanala to partake in the Tea Maker's ceremony after she was podded during the Battle for Caldari Prime. The story of a clone malfunction was a cover-up mandated by Heth and enforced on the cloning facility by the Provists. Standing before the CEP tribunal and monitored by cutting-edge lie detecting equipment, Erinen revealed that "When it became [...]

                Republic releases initial report on Molden Heath

                • YC115-05-24

                  _Molden Heath - _An initial report commissioned by the Tribal Assembly on those low security areas of Molden Heath under the control of cloned mercenaries indicates generally positive results. According to the report, the areas are "more secure, better protected, and free of organized criminal elements" but also cautions "violence between the military occupants is high" and "negative elements may be attracted." The report, which was undertaken by the Republic Security Services, indicates that the [...]

                  CEP to question Executive Officer Mininela Erinen under oath

                  • YC115-05-23

                    _New Caldari - _The Chief Executive Panel has revealed that it will call Caldari Navy Executive Officer Mininela Erinen to testify before them on the matter of Admiral Visera Yanala's failed cloning. She will testify under oath, utilizing advanced stress gauges, facial analysis, and military linguistic algorithms to appraise the factuality of her statements. The Executive Officer will appear before the tribunal on the morning of May 25th. According to the CEP, the questions will revolve around [...]

                    Report: Admiral Yanala's clone failed to activate

                    • YC115-05-22

                      _Perimeter - _The Caldari Navy has released a report revealing Admiral Visera Yanala's clone failed to activate following her podding during the battle of Caldari Prime. The State has reacted in shock, as the admiral has widely become viewed as a cultural hero following indications she acted to preserve lives on Caldari Prime as her ship was destroyed in orbit. State Executor Tibus Heth subsequently gave a statement calling Yanala's death, "a tragic cloning accident." He went on to say, "I can only [...]

                      Admiral Yanala being widely hailed as a hero

                      • YC115-05-20

                        NEW CALDARI - Following reports that Admiral Yanala, pilot of the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru which crashed into Caldari Prime after being destroyed by capsuleers and the Gallente Navy, acted to prevent widespread destruction and loss of life during the ship's final moments, Caldari across the State have begun to regard the Admiral as a hero. "The Caldari Navy said she saved billions of lives," said an Ishukone factory worker. "Yeah, the titan was destroyed, but look at the circumstances. She [...]

                        Minmatar Republic acknowledges stability brought by mercenaries

                        • YC115-05-20

                          MOLDEN HEATH - The Tribal Assembly of the Minmatar Republic has released a statement praising the stability brought to Molden Heath by cloned mercenaries invited there by the Thukker Tribe and has said it will permanently cede control over settled districts to the corporations holding them. "In response to the presence of mercenaries in the region, criminal elements have fled in droves. Crime has dropped as the Republic Fleet is able to turn its attention away from garrisoning and maintaining its old [...]

                          Caldari Navy publicly acknowledges efficacy of cloned soldiers

                          • YC115-05-19

                            PERIMETER _ -_ The Caldari Navy has released a report claiming that cloned soldiers provide a large benefit over traditional infantry and plans to reinvestigate the potential of the technology for regular use. The report was quickly acknowledged up by several megacorporate security forces, who confirmed the opinion. According to the report, which follows on a Modern Finances report released last month, cloned soldiers "offer significant benefits over the standard infantry soldier. Cloned soldiers show [...]

                            Angel Cartel feels pressure in Molden Heath

                            • YC115-05-18

                              MOLDEN HEATH - According to reports from Republic law enforcement, the Angel Cartel has begun to experience a downturn in fortune within Molden Heath from a combination of cloned mercenaries, Thukker Tribe assets, and elements of the Republic Fleet. While the Thukker Tribe and Republic Fleet have been active in Molden Heath for years, the newly settled cloned mercenaries have enabled them to refocus their operations. The region has seen a sharp drop in violent crime and booster-related trafficking in [...]

                              Shiigeru telemetry data vindicates Admiral Yanala

                              • YC115-05-17

                                LUMINAIRE - The Caldari Navy has announced that it has completed its investigation of the flight recorder recovered from the Shiigeru wreckage. According to its findings, Admiral Yanala "acted in the best interests of those on the ground" in the ship's final moments. The flight recorder revealed that, as the ship was about to be destroyed above Caldari Prime, Admiral Yanala disabled all volatile systems on board, including the heavily damaged propulsion system, rendering them completely inert before [...]

                                Cloned mercenaries flood into Molden Heath

                                • YC115-05-16

                                  MOLDEN HEATH - Within the first ten minutes of the Thukker Tribe opening planetary districts in Molden Heath to cloned mercenaries, every district set aside had been claimed by independent corporations. Individuals continue to arrive by the thousands as they fortify their newly-claimed districts and prepare to sell their skills to the highest bidders. Entire planets have been claimed by corporations such as SVER True Blood and D3LTA FORC3, while others are split between many different corporations. [...]

                                  Wreckage of Shiigeru to be examined by Ishukone and Zainou

                                  • YC115-05-15

                                    _Luminaire - _The Chief Executive Panel and Caldari Navy have announced that, as part of their continued investigation into the events surrounding the Invasion of Caldari Prime, Ishukone Corporation and subsidiary Zainou Biotech will retrieve and investigate the wreckage of the Shiigeru. The largest piece of wreckage, 700 kilometers outside of Arcurio, has mostly been untouched since the forward section crashed into the planet following its destruction in orbit. Experts say that the wreckage remains [...]

                                    Thukker Tribe invites cloned mercenaries to police Molden Heath

                                    • YC115-05-14

                                      Orien - The Thukker Tribe today announced that it is inviting cloned mercenaries to Molden Heath in an effort to police the region and protect it from piracy. The region, long known as a haven of the Angel Cartel, has fallen on difficult times recently and has been virtually abandoned by the Republic Fleet. The Thukker Tribe, which controls numerous stations in the region and has interests in it as an important route between the Great Wildlands and the heart of the Republic, made the announcement [...]

                                      Echelon Entertainment auction completed

                                      • YC115-05-13

                                        Passari - Echelon Entertainment has completed its auction of assets and intellectual property in an effort to save parent-corporation Kaalakiota Corporation from future loan defaults. In total, the corporation has sold off approximately 35% of its physical assets and 55% of its intellectual property catalog. The largest buyer has been Echelon-rival Nugoeihuvi Corporation, which purchased several of Echelon's more prominent holoreel rights and current affairs series, as well as the Caldari Financial [...]

                                        Sebiestor Tribe to monitor Broteau's trial

                                        • YC115-05-12

                                          _Eram - _The Sebiestor Tribe has announced that it plans to send two tribal delegates to monitor the trial of accused mass-shooter Gerne Broteau. Broteau's attack left 59 dead, including Sebiestor Tribal Chief Karin Midular. In a statement, the Sebiestor Tribe announced, "Though the Federation has so-far refused to hand the murderer of our Tribal Chief over to us, we will not allow justice to go unserved. The Tribe will send two of our own delegates to observe the trial and ensure that it proceeds [...]

                                          Midular shooter identified, appears in court

                                          • YC115-05-12

                                            _Villore - _The man who opened fire at a Minmatar cultural festival, killing 59 and wounding 303 others, has been identified as Gerne Broteau and was brought before the Caille District Court today, where he was charged with 59 counts of first degree murder, 362 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and 12 counts of mayhem with the intent to incite terror, along with numerous other charges. Broteau has been identified as a man of Gallente ethnicity in good health. He does not have a criminal record [...]

                                            Mordu's Legion announces full control of Caldari Prime

                                            • YC115-05-11

                                              Luminaire - Mordu's Legion has announced that it has gained full operational oversight of Caldari Prime, as the last of the combatants remaining planetside have been safely evacuated. The mercenary corporation has already begun its efforts in the more highly populated areas of the planet and are primed to begin offering full services to the entire planet. As part of the treaty signed between the Gallente Federation and Caldari State, Mordu's Legion is responsible for the military protection of Caldari [...]

                                              CEP and Caldari Navy to investigate Caldari Prime events

                                              • YC115-05-11

                                                New Caldari - The Caldari Navy and Chief Executive Panel have announced they are conducting a joint investigation of the events surrounding the Gallente assault on Caldari Prime and the crash of the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru on the planet. The investigation, which has been conducted until now under top security protocols, is nearing completion. Neither the Navy nor the CEP have announced what specific details they are investigating, instead saying, "We are conducting a broad analysis of the [...]

                                                Kaalakiota to sell Echelon Entertainment assets to cover debt

                                                • YC115-05-10

                                                  Passari - Kaalakiota Corporation announced today that it will begin selling off assets owned by its subsidiary Echelon Entertainment in order to cover its upcoming debt payments to Caldari Funds Unlimited. The move, which has been expected by analysts since news of KK's financial difficulties were first brought to light, is expected to provide the megacorporation with enough operating capital to meet all its obligations in the coming quarter. Included in the sale are numerous properties, including [...]

                                                  Tibus Heth denounces Federation; offers condolences to Republic

                                                  • YC115-05-08

                                                    _New Caldari - _State Executor Tibus Heth has released a statement calling the Federation "callous imperialists" and once again offering the State's condolences for the death of Karin Midular. The statement reads, "It is with my deepest regret that I learned of the passing of Karin Midular. Though my offer of State aide was rebuffed, I still dearly wished for her to survive. While I never had the chance to meet her, her reputation stood on its own. She was a peacemaker and a proponent for change. She [...]

                                                    Violence against Minmatar immigrants reported in Federation

                                                    • YC115-05-08

                                                      Hours after the Republic Fleet launched an incursion into the Gallente Federation, numerous incidences of violence against Minmatar immigrants to the Federation were reported to law enforcement agencies. These incidents have ranged from simple assault to murder, all perpetrated by ethnic Gallente. Police suspect many of the attacks were racially motivated. They do not believe the incidents are directly connected, but are rather treating them as separate reactions to the Republic's rising belligerence [...]

                                                      Republic Fleet force destroyed entering Federation despite capsuleer pleas for peace

                                                      • YC115-05-08

                                                        Colelie - A fleet of 15 Nagalfar-class dreadnaughts belonging to the Republic Fleet jumped into Colelie, where they were intercepted and destroyed by an equal force of Moros-class dreadnaughts belonging to the Federation Navy. Hundreds of capsuleers were on hand, many begging the two sides to stand down to no avail. According to reports, the Republic Fleet was acting under direct orders from the Tribal Council, claiming that repeated attempts at negotiation with the Gallente Federation over the [...]

                                                        Karin Midular has died

                                                        • YC115-05-07

                                                          ERAM - The Sebiestor Tribe announced that Karin Midular passed away in the early morning after emergency attempts to remove tumors from her brain had failed. A council of Sebiestor Tribal elders released a statement declaring a week of mourning for Midular, an often-controversial leader who had seen a resurgence in popularity over the recent years. "Karin Midular was not only the Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe," the statement read, "but she was also a Ray of Matar for all the Minmatar people. She stood [...]

                                                          Karin Midular to undergo emergency surgery

                                                          • YC115-05-06

                                                            ERAM - Karin Midular is to undergo emergency brain surgery in an attempt to save her life, the Sebiestor Tribe reported today. The Tribal Chief, who has been in a coma since her shooting on April 11th, has been undergoing a number of radical treatments aimed at repairing the extensive brain damage she suffered. According to the report, doctors attempted an aggressive cellular regeneration regimen directly on Midular's brain cells, in an effort to regrow the damaged tissue. However, because of a [...]

                                                            Tibus Heth declares plan to nationalize megacorps; KK revealed to be in financial straits

                                                            • YC115-05-05

                                                              _New Caldari - _State Executor Tibus Heth today announced his desire to "nationalize the megacorps" and place them all under the direct control of the Caldari State. At the same time, reports have been released that Kaalakiota Corporation, of which Tibus Heth is the CEO, has been funneling money to support the Caldari Providence Directorate, placing it in financial difficulties. In Heth's announcement, he declared, "The time for corporate back-biting and rivalry has come and passed. Caldari unity is [...]

                                                              Tibus Heth offer of Caldari aid to Sebiestor Tribe rejected

                                                              • YC115-05-04

                                                                New Caldari - Tibus Heth has offered the Sebiestor Tribe access to Caldari medical technology for the treatment of comatose Tribal Chief Karin Midular, but has been turned down after "careful deliberation" by tribal leaders. In a public statement, Tibus Heth offered "the full swath of Caldari medical expertise to the Sebiestor Tribe in order to bring about a positive resolution to this terrible tragedy." He went on to say, "Unlike some others, the Caldari State treats well those who might be its [...]

                                                                Vuld Haupt calls for tribal unity; support for Midular pours in

                                                                • YC115-05-02

                                                                  Eram - Vuld Haupt, the popular spiritual leader of the Sebiestor Tribe, has issued a public call for unity as Karin Midular, the Tribal Chief, remains in critical condition on life support. In response, the other six tribes of Matar have offered their resources in whatever capacity the Sebiestor require. In his statement, Haupt said, "A Ray of Matar is a rare, grand thing. And our Ray, Karin Midular, lived up to her promise. She laid the foundations for the Republic we inhabit today, where the [...]