Report: Admiral Yanala's clone failed to activate

New Eden News | YC115-05-22

_Perimeter - _The [Caldari Navy]( Navy) has released a report revealing Admiral Visera Yanala's clone failed to activate following her podding during the battle of [Caldari Prime]( Prime). The State has reacted in shock, as the admiral has widely become viewed as a cultural hero following indications she acted to preserve lives on Caldari Prime as her ship was destroyed in orbit.

State Executor [Tibus Heth]( Heth) subsequently gave a statement calling Yanala's death, "a tragic cloning accident." He went on to say, "I can only presume that, as she concentrated to take her final acts, she forsook her own safety and hesitated so her capsule was caught. What happened next is still uncertain, but it only serves to make her sacrifice even greater."

Across the State, citizens have expressed their shock at the news. Several businesses have closed early, including [CBD Sell Division]( Sell Division). Each of the megacorps has also announced they are permitting non-essential personnel to leave early if they wish, in order to attend one of the numerous memorial ceremonies.

The [Chief Executive Panel]( Executive Panel) has indicated it will investigate the circumstances surrounding the cloning accident. It has announced the traditional opening bell to the State Stock Exchange will not be rung tomorrow morning, instead being replaced with an eight-gun salute in Admiral Yanala's honor.