Tibus Heth denounces Federation; offers condolences to Republic

New Eden News | YC115-05-08

_New Caldari - _State Executor [Tibus Heth](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Tibus Heth) has released a statement calling the Federation "callous imperialists" and once again offering the State's condolences for the death of [Karin Midular](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Karin Midular).

The statement reads, "It is with my deepest regret that I learned of the passing of Karin Midular. Though my offer of State aide was rebuffed, I still dearly wished for her to survive. While I never had the chance to meet her, her reputation stood on its own. She was a peacemaker and a proponent for change. She fought for what she believed in, but never put the good of the few above the good of the many. I believe, had I the chance, we would have been fast friends. I, too, shall mourn her passing and mourn the passing of a person who could have been a great ambassador between the Republic and State.

"I say to the Minmatar people, I stand with you. I understand the pain you feel at your Ray's death. I understand the anger you hold toward the Federation, which continues to withhold justice from you. They are callous imperialists who cannot understand any way but their own. To them, the Ray of Matar is a bunch of meaningless squiggles. They cannot comprehend the deep, spiritual meaning it holds to you, much as they do not understand what the [Cold Wind](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Caldari Spirituality) of the Kaalakiota Peaks means to the Caldari. They hold both the murderer of your Ray and the homeworld of my people.

"We are both wounded by them. The [Federation Navy](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Federation Navy) and the Senate are both tools of denial and oppression. They seek to stamp out any sort of diversity that does not fit their narrow mindset. So I offer my hand to you in peace; let us stand together against the hatred the Federation engenders."

The Minmatar Republic has not commented on Heth's statement.