Republic Fleet force destroyed entering Federation despite capsuleer pleas for peace

New Eden News | YC115-05-08

Colelie - A fleet of 15 Nagalfar-class dreadnaughts belonging to the Republic Fleet jumped into Colelie, where they were intercepted and destroyed by an equal force of Moros-class dreadnaughts belonging to the Federation Navy. Hundreds of capsuleers were on hand, many begging the two sides to stand down to no avail.

According to reports, the Republic Fleet was acting under direct orders from the Tribal Council, claiming that repeated attempts at negotiation with the Gallente Federation over the disposition of Karin Midular's killer had failed. Shortly before 20:00 EST, the Republic Fleet circumvented the cynosural blockers in Colelie, a border system between the Republic and Federation, and jumped their fleet directly into the system. Almost immediately, the Federation warped in a response fleet.

Admiral Leralduin Olf, leading the Republic fleet, repeatedly requested the Federation Navy allow them passage to retrieve the shooter. Admiral Stolle Colalle, commander of the Federation fleet, refused and declared the actions of the Republic an act of war. Both sides traded words for several minutes, as hundreds of capsuleers arrived on the scene. Many capsuleers pleaded for the two sides to calm down, something the Federation appeared willing to do, yet the Republic refused.

Other capsuleers on both sides attempted to inflame the fighting, with many Minmatar-loyalists vocally siding with the Republic and calling out the Colalle for being disrespectful to Minmatar culture by brusquely dismissing the Republic demands. Others sided strongly with the Federation, believing the Minmatar were violating Federation sovereignty and numerous treaties by acting rashly. A small group also appeared to be present merely to incite violence of any sort between the two long-standing allies.

Regardless, eventually the Republic Fleet opened fire, prompting retaliation from the Federation Navy. Both sides traded dreadnaughts evenly for several minutes, until eventually the overwhelming firepower of the Moros-class dreadnaughts, who were able to chose operational range by warping in to the Republic cynosural beacon, began to win the day. Despite numerous offers by the Federation Navy to allow the Republic Fleet to withdraw if they ceased fire, the Republic Fleet fought to the death.

Enraged and eager capsuleers attempted to pin down the remaining Federation dreadnaughts, but DED officer Odo Korachi arrived on scene and dispersed them. In total, 15 Naglafar-class and 9 Moros-class dreadnaughts were destroyed in the fighting. Though no full official casualty reports have come in, based on standard crew sizes and survival rates, it is estimated between 36000 and 72000 crew members lost their lives in the conflict.

The Gallente Senate has called an emergency session to discuss the breach of the border and hostile action by the Republic Fleet. President Jacus Roden has issued a statement saying, "The Federation is committed to peace and we will take every step necessary to preserve it."

The Tribal Council has not released any statements. No further actions by the Republic Fleet have been reported, while the Federation Navy remains on high alert.