Grene Broteau found guilty on all counts; Republic demands extradition

New Eden News | YC115-05-28

Luminaire _ - _Grene Broteau, the mass-shooter who killed 59 Minmatar and injured hundreds during a rampage in April, was today found guilty in Caille District Court of 59 counts of first degree murder, 362 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and 12 counts of mayhem with the intent to incite terror, along with numerous other charges.

Broteau appeared in court wearing a prison jumpsuit and restraints and was silent throughout the reading of the verdict. At one point, cameras captured him smiling, though for the majority of the reading he remained stoic. After hearing the verdict, the judge ordered a sentencing hearing for the 1st of June.

The trial of Broteau, which began on the 13th, was considered a relatively uncomplicated affair considering the high profile of the attack. Media coverage through the trial was heavy, but remained respectful. The two [Sebiestor Tribe]( Tribe) monitors remained mostly in the background throughout. Because of the nature of the attack, the trial proceeded relatively quickly.

Some controversy erupted when Broteau took the stand and subsequently refused to answer any questions presented to him, instead using the opportunity to rant about Minmatar immigrants and profess his admiration for the [Black Eagles]( Eagles) and their director, [Mentas Blaque]( Blaque). As Broteau was testifying in his own defense at the time, he was dismissed from the stand after the prosecution declined to cross-exam.

Shortly after the verdict was made public, the Tribal Assembly released a statement criticizing the speed of the Federation's justice system and requesting immediate extradition of Broteau to face charges in the Republic for the death of [Karin Midular]( Midular) and several other Republic residents attending the festival.

The statement called the month-long wait between Broteau's arrest and a reveal of information about him a "disrespectful period of silence" that "led to wild speculation, rash acts, and needless violence between our two nations." It went on to say, "The murderer of the Ray of Matar must stand trial before Tribal justice. It is the only just resolution."

Broteau's counsel have said there are no plans to appeal.