Sebiestor Tribe to monitor Broteau's trial

New Eden News | YC115-05-12

_Eram - _The [Sebiestor Tribe]( Tribe) has announced that it plans to send two tribal delegates to monitor the trial of accused mass-shooter Gerne Broteau. Broteau's attack left 59 dead, including Sebiestor Tribal Chief [Karin Midular]( Midular).

In a statement, the Sebiestor Tribe announced, "Though the Federation has so-far refused to hand the murderer of our Tribal Chief over to us, we will not allow justice to go unserved. The Tribe will send two of our own delegates to observe the trial and ensure that it proceeds appropriately. The killer of our Ray of Matar shall not be allowed the comfort of a trial where he does not have to face those he so grievously wounded."

The Caille District Court has announced that it has approved the Tribe's request and will allow the two delegates to sit in on all hearings. One delegate will be assigned to the prosecution, while another will be assigned to the defense. The court has also stated that both will be in strictly observatory roles and will not be allowed to attempt to influence anyone involved in the case.