Karin Midular to undergo emergency surgery

New Eden News | YC115-05-06

ERAM - Karin Midular is to undergo emergency brain surgery in an attempt to save her life, the Sebiestor Tribe reported today. The Tribal Chief, who has been in a coma since her shooting on April 11th, has been undergoing a number of radical treatments aimed at repairing the extensive brain damage she suffered.

According to the report, doctors attempted an aggressive cellular regeneration regimen directly on Midular's brain cells, in an effort to regrow the damaged tissue. However, because of a variety of factors including rapid death of cells and the lack of healthy ones, much of the regrown tissue has become cancerous. Doctors ceased the treatment in hope the tumors would naturally shrink, but they continue to grow, putting pressure on Midular's remaining healthy lobes.

Doctors are hopeful that emergency surgery to remove the tumors will allow them to attempt a different form of cellular regeneration that may have more positive results.