Wreckage of Shiigeru to be examined by Ishukone and Zainou

New Eden News | YC115-05-15

_Luminaire - _The [Chief Executive Panel](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Chief Executive Panel) and [Caldari Navy](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Caldari Navy) have announced that, as part of their continued investigation into the events surrounding the Invasion of [Caldari Prime](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Caldari Prime), [Ishukone Corporation](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Ishukone Corporation) and subsidiary Zainou Biotech will retrieve and investigate the wreckage of the Shiigeru.

The largest piece of wreckage, 700 kilometers outside of Arcurio, has mostly been untouched since the forward section crashed into the planet following its destruction in orbit. Experts say that the wreckage remains unstable as the tritanium alloy which makes up its superstructure continually reacts with the oxygen atmosphere and loses stability, putting any attempts at cleanup years - if not decades - down the line.

The CEP, however, stated, "Telemetry data from the flight recorder is a vital part of our ongoing investigation into the events of March 22nd. It must be recovered in order to proceed."

Ishukone and Zainou engineers will work under the oversight of Mordu's Legion to recover the recorder, along with other components from the wreck which may prove useful. Ishukone has stated that it will exercise "extreme caution" in approaching the wreck, as "any unnecessary disturbance could cause the power core or doomsday device to explode."