Republic releases initial report on Molden Heath

New Eden News | YC115-05-24

_Molden Heath - _An initial report commissioned by the Tribal Assembly on those low security areas of Molden Heath under the control of cloned mercenaries indicates generally positive results. According to the report, the areas are "more secure, better protected, and free of organized criminal elements" but also cautions "violence between the military occupants is high" and "negative elements may be attracted."

The report, which was undertaken by the [Republic Security Services]( Security Services), indicates that the presence of the [Angel Cartel]( Cartel) on occupied planets has dropped sharply in the week since the cloned mercenaries arrived. This has apparently had a "disruptive effect" on Angel Cartel services throughout the region, with distribution of boosters, racketeering, and other criminal activities seeing a noticeable downturn. Even planets and systems without the direct presence of cloned mercenaries have seen a benefit.

The CRONOS. alliance has thus far claimed the most territory in the region, spread between several corporations led by Seraphim Initiative. Other large territory holders include the Southern Legion, ZionCTD, and SVER True Blood. Notable is that many of the larger territorial alliances in New Eden have yet to make an impact on the region, with notables Goonswarm and TEST Alliance only holding a single district a piece.

Battles have erupted across the region as rival corporations begin battling over territory. Particularly bloody has been the Eoldulf system, which has seen nearly all of its districts repeatedly under attack over the past few days as a variety of corporations engage each other. It is this violence which has tempered the enthusiasm of the report.

The report read, "Because the district holders are capable of cloning, they are frequently incited to violence against one another, much as capsuleers have proven. So far, this violence has been contained to their districts. However, the situation bears watching as the possibility remains for conflicts to spill out and for orbital strikes to cause environmental damage. Additionally, misaimed ordinance has the potential to cause heavy loss of life. As yet, this has not happened, but it is a risk that must be factored in."

Concern has also been raised about capsuleers being drawn into the region by the conflict and possibility for profit. However, while this "has the potential to cause an increase in capsuleer piracy", it also "has a detrimental effect on Angel Cartel space-based operations." The report anticipates these effects will "largely cancel one another out."