Minmatar Republic acknowledges stability brought by mercenaries

New Eden News | YC115-05-20

MOLDEN HEATH - The Tribal Assembly of the Minmatar Republic has released a statement praising the stability brought to Molden Heath by cloned mercenaries invited there by the Thukker Tribe and has said it will permanently cede control over settled districts to the corporations holding them.

"In response to the presence of mercenaries in the region, criminal elements have fled in droves. Crime has dropped as the Republic Fleet is able to turn its attention away from garrisoning and maintaining its old bases and toward policing space," the statement read. "In recognition of the benefits brought by these corporations, the Republic is offering them full control over the districts they have settled into, as well as rights over the assets there."

The move is largely viewed as ceremonial by most experts, as the mercenary corporations in the region have already cemented control over the districts. Each district was previously unsettled and served mainly as staging bases for the Republic Fleet, built during earlier conflicts with the Ammatar Mandate and Amarr Empire.

Some have criticized the move by the Republic. One law enforcement expert said, "They are simply replacing one problem with another. We've already seen violence erupt as these mercenaries fight each other for control of the districts. They've also dragged countless capsuleers into the region and they're fighting each other. I suppose the Republic considers it acceptable as long as immortals are killing each other, but how long until it spills over into civilian areas? And are they actually fighting against the Cartel? I've seen little evidence to suggest that."