Cloned mercenaries flood into Molden Heath

New Eden News | YC115-05-16

MOLDEN HEATH - Within the first ten minutes of the Thukker Tribe opening planetary districts in Molden Heath to cloned mercenaries, every district set aside had been claimed by independent corporations. Individuals continue to arrive by the thousands as they fortify their newly-claimed districts and prepare to sell their skills to the highest bidders.

Entire planets have been claimed by corporations such as SVER True Blood and D3LTA FORC3, while others are split between many different corporations. Already reports have come in that several corporations have planned assaults on rival mercenary groups in an attempt to claim more land for themselves.

The Thukker Tribe, however, is dismissive of the potential violence between corporations and instead noted the positives. A representative from the tribe said, "Within hours of us announcing our plans, local chatter from the Angel Cartel increased ten times over. The Republic Security Services has told us that many of them are highly worried about the presence of the cloned mercenaries and the capsuleers they will draw into the region."

The Angel Cartel itself has not made any statements on the matter, but reports have come in that several Angel Cartel ships have been seen evacuating the region. However, other reports show the Cartel continuing to engage in criminal activities inside Molden Heath.

The Minmatar Republic has similarly refrained from making any official statement on the Thukker Tribe's invitation.