Mordu's Legion announces full control of Caldari Prime

New Eden News | YC115-05-11

_Luminaire - _[Mordu's Legion]('s Legion) has announced that it has gained full operational oversight of [Caldari Prime]( Prime), as the last of the combatants remaining planetside have been safely evacuated. The mercenary corporation has already begun its efforts in the more highly populated areas of the planet and are primed to begin offering full services to the entire planet.

As part of the treaty signed between the Gallente Federation and Caldari State, Mordu's Legion is responsible for the military protection of Caldari Prime, including enforcing the established districts and preventing unlawful border crossing and smuggling. The Legion will also work with local police forces to preserve jurisdiction rights and prevent disputes between districts.

In a statement from Muriya Mordu, the Legion promised to work closely with its partners to ensure transparency. "[Ishukone]( Corporation) and [Material Acquisitions]( Acquisitions) will remain in firm control of the Caldari and Gallente districts, respectively. We will provide regular, full reports to both them, the [Chief Executive Panel]( Executive Panel), and Gallente Senate in order to preserve transparency and ensure we are providing fair and neutral oversight of the planet."

According to reports, all involved parties are "pleased" with the progress Mordu's Legion has made and are confident they will continue to maintain the peace on the planet.