Vigils for Yanala turn violent

New Eden News | YC115-05-27

_The Citadel - _Soon after news of [Caldari Navy]( Navy) Executive Officer Mininela Erinen's testimony about Admiral Yanala's death was released, several memorial services for the war hero suddenly turned into impromptu protests as people called for answers from State Executor [Tibus Heth]( Heth). Several of the protests subsequently turned violent, when demonstrators clashed with [Provist]( Providence Directorate) forces. So far, no deaths have been reported, though hundreds have been reported as injured.

Into the morning, Caldari citizens have continued to react with disbelief and anger to the news. Said one protestor who works for [Lai Dai]( Dai Corporation), "Tibus Heth must give an accounting of himself. He can't sit silent in his iron tower and expect us to accept this. Admiral Yanala was a hero and he cannot simply expect us to forget about this."

Others have reacted with slightly greater reservation. Said a middle manager from [Hyasyoda]( Corporation), "We've only heard one side of the story. Obviously if true it's horrible. But anyone who is rioting is just participating in a mob mentality. There's no proof about what she's said. It's her word against the State Executor's. We must wait for the CEP to finish their investigation."