Violence against Minmatar immigrants reported in Federation

New Eden News | YC115-05-08

Hours after the [Republic Fleet]( Fleet) launched an incursion into the Gallente Federation, numerous incidences of violence against Minmatar immigrants to the Federation were reported to law enforcement agencies. These incidents have ranged from simple assault to murder, all perpetrated by [ethnic Gallente]( Gallente).

Police suspect many of the attacks were racially motivated. They do not believe the incidents are directly connected, but are rather treating them as separate reactions to the Republic's rising belligerence toward the Federation.

Several of the victims have reported their attackers hurled racial epithets. One victim, who was hospitalized with lacerations to the face and torso, told police that he was "walking down the street when three Gallente men grabbed me and began attacking me. I tried to defend myself, but I was overpowered and they threw me down, called me a spy for the Republic, and asked if it felt good to help kill all those innocent [Navy]( Navy) men." The victim was reportedly saved when a passerby, himself an ethnic Gallente, shouted that he was calling the police.

Law enforcement is suggesting that Minmatar immigrants exercise caution in the coming weeks, to not go out after dark alone, and to lock their doors and windows. Several jurisdictions have reported they are increasing patrols through Minmatar neighborhoods in an attempt to prevent further violence, though some Minmatar have also reported being stopped and searched by police.

Several arrests have been made in relation to the incidents, with police following leads in numerous others.