Vuld Haupt calls for tribal unity; support for Midular pours in

New Eden News | YC115-05-02

Eram ** - **[Vuld Haupt]( Haupt), the popular spiritual leader of the [Sebiestor Tribe]( Tribe), has issued a public call for unity as [Karin Midular]( Midular), the Tribal Chief, remains in critical condition on life support. In response, the other six tribes of Matar have offered their resources in whatever capacity the Sebiestor require.

In his statement, Haupt said, "A Ray of Matar is a rare, grand thing. And our Ray, Karin Midular, lived up to her promise. She laid the foundations for the Republic we inhabit today, where the Minmatar people once again stand together.

"And in these difficult times, we must put aside our differences and disagreements. I make no light when I call them all petty in comparison to the tragedy that has struck us. Clans must work with rival clans. Families must set aside old grudges and break bread. Individuals must work with those they may despise. Because we are all Sebiestor and the tribe must stand strong. This is not the time to begin fighting with one another over the future. We must dwell in the present and deal with the now. To do otherwise is to court disaster."

The other six Minmatar tribes have all pledged to provide whatever assistance the Sebiestor require to see Midular through this ordeal. Doctors remain pessimistic about her chances of full recovery. However, her condition does not appear to have worsened over the previous week, giving them some hope they will be able to rouse her from her medically induced coma.

The Sebiestor Tribe issued a statement of thanks to the other tribes and has accepted offers for Krusual experts on neurology from [Eifyr and Co.]( and Co.), Nefantar doctors who had been trained in the [Ammatar Mandate]( Mandate), and Thukker specialists in immunology. The experts have already traveled to the hospital in Eram where Midular is being cared for to examine her and make further recommendations to her doctors.