Caldari Navy publicly acknowledges efficacy of cloned soldiers

New Eden News | YC115-05-19

PERIMETER _ -_ The Caldari Navy has released a report claiming that cloned soldiers provide a large benefit over traditional infantry and plans to reinvestigate the potential of the technology for regular use. The report was quickly acknowledged up by several megacorporate security forces, who confirmed the opinion.

According to the report, which follows on a Modern Finances report released last month, cloned soldiers "offer significant benefits over the standard infantry soldier. Cloned soldiers show higher scores in unit cohesion, ability to handle stressful and high-risk situations, and general tactical awareness on the battlefield."

The Navy followed up the report by announcing it will "investigate the so-called 'second generation' cloned soldiers for permanent integration into the Caldari Navy." This is a reversal of the Navy's previous denouncement of the cloned soldiers earlier in the year, which ended in a bloody purge of the so-called "first-generation" soldiers which was repeated by the Minmatar Republic and Gallente Federation.

The report and change in direction has led many military experts to call into question State Executor Tibus Heth's decision to initiate the purges. One expert explained, "The purges indiscriminately targeted the cloned soldiers. Meanwhile, you have these first-generation soldiers living peacefully in the Amarr Empire without any reports of difficulties we heard from the other empires. Had Heth taken a more progressive approach to the cloned soldiers, it might have spared the State numerous lost lives and internal turmoil."