Thukker Tribe invites cloned mercenaries to police Molden Heath

New Eden News | YC115-05-14

Orien - The [Thukker Tribe]( Tribe) today announced that it is inviting cloned mercenaries to [Molden Heath]( Heath) in an effort to police the region and protect it from piracy. The region, long known as a haven of the [Angel Cartel]( Cartel), has fallen on difficult times recently and has been virtually abandoned by the [Republic Fleet]( Fleet).

The Thukker Tribe, which controls numerous stations in the region and has interests in it as an important route between the Great Wildlands and the heart of the Republic, made the announcement early in the morning. In the statement, the Tribe said, "In an effort to improve the lives of the Minmatar people, the Thukker Tribe is extending our invitation to the cloned mercenaries of [New Eden]( Eden (cluster)) to settle in Molden Heath. Numerous districts on temperate planets in Molden Heath have been designated for your use. We offer them to you free of any strings."

A representative of the Thukker Tribe said, "This is a win-win situation for us. The mercenaries will settle on the planets and discourage the Angel Cartel from attempting to invade. We have seen before, in Skarkon, Konora, and Oddelulf, that the Cartel has no fear of attacking planets and attempting to annex entire systems. Local Republic forces are not able to secure them; numerous highly armed and armored immortal soldiers, however, should prove to be a deterrent."

The move is already generating controversy within the Minmatar Republic, with complaints that the Thukker made the move without any consultation of the Tribal Assembly. However, the districts being offered for colonization by the mercenaries all fall under the jurisdiction of the Thukker Tribe. While several of the planets have small planetside populations, the districts being offered are all unsettled as well.