Shiigeru telemetry data vindicates Admiral Yanala

New Eden News | YC115-05-17

LUMINAIRE - The Caldari Navy has announced that it has completed its investigation of the flight recorder recovered from the Shiigeru wreckage. According to its findings, Admiral Yanala "acted in the best interests of those on the ground" in the ship's final moments.

The flight recorder revealed that, as the ship was about to be destroyed above Caldari Prime, Admiral Yanala disabled all volatile systems on board, including the heavily damaged propulsion system, rendering them completely inert before the ship broke apart in orbit. Additionally, the doomsday device had been taken offline several minutes before, preventing it from firing but also preventing it from entering an active cooldown phase.

According to the Caldari Navy, "These acts prevented an extinction-level event from occurring on Caldari Prime. Millions of lives were saved in the short term and billions more were spared from the aftereffects of radioactive fallout and other health complications from debris."

The Gallente Senate has released a statement lauding Yanala for her "bravery and willingness to place the lives of civilians above and beyond all else. When faced with a critical decision in a situation of high stress, Admiral Yanala made the proper choice; one that has massive long term repercussions for billions of individuals."