Possible new overseer of the Mordus Legion exodus?

New Eden News | YC107-09-09

In an earlier broadcast from an unknown source, data apparently taken from the highly guarded communications systems of the Mordu's Legion have indicated a flurry of activity in the wake of last week's exodus from ORE space. In particular, communications have pointed to the office of a senior member of the Legion's staff, an individual that has yet to be identified from the snippets of seized data circulating through the black markets of the information community.

The events of last week have seen a widespread departure of the Legion from ORE space, in the wake of a dispute between the highest levels of the group's administration. The incident, marked with political trauma, cumulated in a disastrous relocation to the Legion's primary headquarters, a move that involved a number of casualties for local pod pilots laying claim to the area.

Military analysts have speculated that the common flight commander of Mordus operations during the movement, Lt. Amlerik Raun, may have been chastised for the recent loss of Mordu's shipping and perhaps even demoted to a lower rank, with command being reassigned to another officer. Recent localised activity by patrol forces round the Legion's primary station indicate a notable rise in the organisation's operations, with a number of notable combat vessels being called from patrol duty.

Legion representatives have remained unavailable for comment on the recent apparent lapse in their security procedures, nor have they responded to questions on their plans for the near future.